Loop Belt Truck Mounted Conveyors

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Two models of Loop Belt truck-mounted conveyors offer contractors concrete placing options with set-up capability in an area with less than 18 ft. of overhead clearance.

  • LB32T4 has a horizontal reach of 32 meters, four telescopic sections, an 18-in.-wide conveyor that will handle 4-in. aggregates and up to 360 cu. yd. per hour capacity
  • The LB40T5 has a horizontal reach of 40 meters, five telescopic sections, a 20-in.-wide conveyor that will handle aggregates up to 6 in., and up to 480 cu. yd. per hour capacity
  • Upper conveyor section is fixed at a negative angle to provide a better belt transition and material flow into the transfer area
  • Free-floating hinge and control arm allow for full retraction of the hydraulic cylinders
  • Feed conveyor contact with the ground is under self-weight only
  • Minor variations in machine leveling, due to outrigger pad settlement, are automatically compensated for via control arm float position
  • Hydraulic outriggers
  • Llattice boom sections are fabricated from high strength steel
  • Legal axle weights in most states
  • Traction-drive frame structure

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