May Conveyor, Inc. provides conveyor belts for standard applications as well as specially-designed conveyor belts, whatever your application may be. We offer the finest quality at a very competitive price. Service is second to none, as we make certain the customer is completely satisfied.

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  • Products We Manufacture
  • Value Added Services
  • Steel Belt Conveyors
  • Apron Conveyors (Apron Pan)
  • Combination Belt Conveyors
  • Specialty Engineered Belting
  • Hinged Belt Conveyors
  • Piano Hinge Belt Conveyors
  • Beaded Belt Pan Conveyor
  • Conveyor Belt Parts
  • Rubber Combination Belt Parts
  • Replacement Conveyor Belts
  • Steel Hinged Chain Conveyor Belts
  • Chain Edge Conveyor Belts and Many Other Conveyor Belting Related Items.
  • Advanced Die Design
  • Sidewings
  • Precision Offset
  • Fixtures Fit Interchangeability
  • Conveyor Pitch & Designs
  • Replacement Parts
  • Chains
  • Z-Pan Belts
  • Flat Faced Rollers
  • Single Flanged Rollers & Bearings
  • Angle Cleats
  • Bar Cleats
  • Impact Pads
  • Top Plates
  • C-Channel Reinforced Belting
  • Trapezoid Reinforced Belting

Industry News & Blog

Engineering Efficiency: The Critical Role of Steel Hinge Belts in Manufacturing At May Conveyor, we’ve long understood the critical role that conveyance systems play in the manufacturing sector. Among the myriad of solutions we offer, Steel Hinge Belts stand out as the backbone of manufacturing operations, a testament to their robust design, versatility, and unwavering performance in the most demanding industrial settings. Crafted with precision and… Read More →
May Conveyor: Elevating Efficiency with Metal Fabrication in Conveyor Systems Metal fabrication stands as the backbone of modern manufacturing, transforming raw metal into intricate components vital for various industries. As highlighted in “Metal Fabrication And Conveyor Systems” on LinkedIn, this process demands expertise and cutting-edge machinery, two qualities synonymous with trusted engineering firms. Material handling, a cornerstone of manufacturing across sectors like steel, mining, cement,… Read More →
Innovating the Future of Waste & Recycling: The Power of Specialty Engineered Belting In the dynamic world of manufacturing, especially within the waste and recycling industry, the need for innovative and reliable solutions has never been more critical. At May Conveyor, we understand these challenges intimately. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to designing and producing Specialty Engineered Belting, a cornerstone solution for the complex demands of waste management… Read More →
May Conveyor: Guiding Your Waste Facility Journey with the Perfect Conveyor In the pursuit of efficient waste management, selecting the right conveyor system is paramount. As outlined in “SELECTING A CONVEYOR FOR YOUR WASTE FACILITY” on Concrete Construction, conveyors play a vital role in material movement across various industries, including municipal solid waste sites, food processing, paper, pharmaceuticals, and mining. Conveyors offer versatility, adapting to diverse… Read More →

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