Specialty Engineered Belting

Specialty 1.25 Stainless
Specialty 2.5 Stainless

What are the applications for custom and specialty conveyor belts?

Specialty Belts are used when other belts can’t handle certain requirements that are needed in certain industries; corrosion resistance, chemical resistant, able to handle high temperatures, and other environmental factors.

Specialty Belt Features



Sustainable in High Temperatures & Other Environmental Factors

Standard belts aren’t equipped to deal with this type of industrial factor and would have a short life.  Therefore, a custom stainless steel belt would be better equipped to deal with this type of scenario.

Custom Belt Specifications

Pitch: 1-1/4″-12″

Length: Variable as required

Width: As Required

Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Rubber, and other specialty materials.