Durability of conveyor belts

The durability of conveyor belts depends on a number of factors. Though there is a stipulated manufacturer durability span, it may never be achieved if some aspects haven’t been carefully put in to consideration or rather followed to the latter.

Idlers are important in determining the durability of these belts. The main function of these idlers is always to provide the best protection, support and shaping of the conveyor belts thus reduction of motion resistance together with reducing resistance for the materials being transported. This shows that without the idlers, the life of the belts will be reduced. It is therefore of great importance that you take good care of the idlers and replace them whenever there is needed.

The durability of the durability of conveyor belts also depends on a number of engineering, operational as well as construction factors. In practice, the belts are always damaged as a result of increased jamming, wear and tear or seizure. Just eliminate these aspects where you can and reduce the once that you can’t eliminate and you will go a long way to improve on the durability of your conveyor belts. Where lubrication is needed, always ensure that you do not delay the lubrication. Similarly, repairs can do a lot of good in improving the durability of these belts.

Conveyor belt repair

The life of a bulk conveyor belt material is always considered to be at the optimum when the carcass together with the belt cover wears out nearly about the same space of time.

Conveyor belts are always subjected to a scope of repairs. The quality together with the scope of repairs that are performed on such materials absolutely affects the expectancy of the product. However, it is almost impossible that a conveyor belt will achieve its optimum expectancy without having to be subjected to some form of repairs. If a conveyor belt is operational without being subjected to repairs, in most cases the belt never achieves its full life.

One other factor that determines the durability of conveyor belts and can’t go unmentioned is the brand of the product. There are different companies that do make conveyor belts today. It is important that you go for the companies that have been in the game for long. The only reason why other companies do close shop but these big names are still in the market for decades is because they produce quality products for the market.

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