What goes around, comes around

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Tucked into the right-hand corner when you first walk into the Burlington Town Center is a sight unlike anything else in the area: a collection of booth-style tables arranged for easy access to the small plates of sushi that pass by on an ever-moving conveyor belt in the center.

A Cuisine is an Asian fusion restaurant that opened last fall, offering a new style of eatery to the wanderers of Church Street. It utilizes the Japanese style of kaiten sushi, which translates directly as “rotation sushi” but is more commonly known as conveyor belt sushi.

Although there is a door that leads directly to the street outside, the restaurant’s main entrance is in the Town Center, where it has no wall and is entirely open to the foot traffic of the mall. Getting a table is merely a matter of finding an empty one and sitting down, which gives it a very open, come-and-go ambiance. There is some strategy when it comes to choosing a table; the fewer tables there are between you and the sushi chef, the better your dibs on newly-made sushi.

After a brief survey of the landscape, my dining companion and I chose a table at the front of the restaurant. Three tables were ahead of us on the conveyor belt, but only two were occupied and our sushi variety didn’t suffer for it.

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