Weighing machine for making packages

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This line is weighing every single product and makes packages of asparagus on an adjustable weight. The maximum capacity of the line is 28.800 pc/hour. The frame is made of SS304. The line comprises of a supply conveyor belt and the packaging machine.
Each individual cup is weighed by a load cell. The control system separates the product to the exits for optimal packaging with as little as possible giveaway weight.

It is possible to adjust the desired weight and margin on the touch screen. The margin depends on the product. If the margin is too small it will take longer before the package is ready. Products which are not able to be separated will be sorted into a reserve exit. It is possible to complete the packet after a set amount of time, despite being overweight. This is in order to increase capacity.

The machine is equipped with 6 exits on belts and 1 overflow exit as a standard feature. The belts are equipped with a type of trough system which makes it easier to pick up the package. The exit belt is waiting till the package is complete and moves the package so the next one can be made. On the end of the belt there is a sensor. This detects if there is a package on the belt. It is possible to extend this line with binding machines.

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