Troughed Rod Bed Conveyor Introduced

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Eaglestone Equipment introduces its troughed rod bed conveyor for food production. This conveyor addresses the cleanliness issues typically found in traditional troughed conveyors by creating a sanitary, open design.

The main structure of the conveyor is a stainless steel tube rotated 45 degrees for cleanliness. The carry ways can be designed with either stainless steel rods or extruded UHMW “I” beams, depending on the application. This open design prevents the buildup of food particles, while allowing ease-of-cleaning beneath the belt. A UHMW scraper at the discharge end continuously cleans debris from the belt.

Typically used for conveying a wide range of loose food products, this trough conveyor was initially designed specifically for dough handling in the baking industry. Utilizing a sprocket-driven solid urethane belt, this conveyor offers excellent product release, virtually no belt tracking issues, and a range of sanitation features.

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