Trailblazer Portable Groundline Conveyor

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This highly mobile 500-ft., fully belted and assembled groundline conveyor is easily towable from site to site.

  • Allows rapid deployment from the road to working status in just about an hour
  • Folds up in an accordion style for easy transport on attached 84-ft. trailer
  • Navigator Return Trainer provides continuous belt alignment
  • Return roller maintains tracking and avoids material buildup
  • Hinges provide belt flexibility to accommodate variations in grade
  • 50-hp system for smooth travel on any incline
  • Fully customizable and can be designed to various lengths
  • Standard belt sizes: 36 or 42 in. side by 500 ft. long
  • Capacity limits range: 1,000 short tons per hour (STPH) to 1,200 STPH of 100 lbs. per cu. ft. density material
  • Belt speed: up to 400 ft. per minute
  • Designed to eliminate downtime associated with the erection of traditional systems
  • Applications include aggregate, mining, recycle, waste handling, bulk processing, marine material handling and more

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