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    Heavy Industrial Conveyor Belts

    Conveyors belts have been used in a number of industries for decades now. Their flexibility and durability have made transporting not only small but also heavy packages very easy. The increase in demand for reduced cost, integrated automation, and increased throughput has led to the need for better, faster and more durable conveyor belts. The […]

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    Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors

    Hinged steel belt conveyors are used in applications that deal with metal chips, stampings, scrap metal, fasteners, forgings and castings. These conveyors allow an operation that is continuous be it in a position that is incline, decline or that is leveled. This reduces time wastage due to break downs, even during dry and wet conditions […]

  • Durability of conveyor belts

    The durability of conveyor belts depends on a number of factors. Though there is a stipulated manufacturer durability span, it may never be achieved if some aspects haven’t been carefully put in to consideration or rather followed to the latter. Idlers are important in determining the durability of these belts. The main function of these […]

  • Conveyor Belt Repair Options

    The choice of a conveyor belt repair options will highly depend on the extensiveness of repair, the section of fault and the resources available. There are three major conveyor belt repair options as discussed below. Vulcanized Repairs These are the conveyor belt repair that are closest to match the original manufacturing procedures that the belt […]

  • Noise Consideration of Conveyor Belts

    Noise can be a great nuisance especially at the workplace. To control noise, one can either do it from its source, any point that is along the path of transmission, or the receiver side. However the major aim should be to achieve noise reduction at the source. There are many approaches to noise reduction, the […]