Noise Consideration of Conveyor Belts

Noise can be a great nuisance especially at the workplace. To control noise, one can either do it from its source, any point that is along the path of transmission, or the receiver side. However the major aim should be to achieve noise reduction at the source.

There are many approaches to noise reduction, the most effective one being changing design so that the noise generated is reduced. Substituting processes that are noisy to those that are less noisy is another good approach. A good example is by use of plastics instead of metal parts or cushioning of points that have impact. This is a very effective way of doing away with the vibration sound. Another example is substituting belts for gears.

Another frequently used approach is the use of materials that are acoustical in nature within buildings or houses, so as to absorb the sound. An alternative to this approach that can be very effective if properly done is by partially or fully enclosing the source of the noise. This can however be a complete disaster if it is done in an improper way. At times it may even lead to noise amplification from the source. Usually for one to effectively control noise, a combination of these solutions is essentially required.

Noise consideration of conveyor belts is important when one wants to either purchase or even install conveyors. A variety of conveyors that are often used in industry and commerce are available in the market. The conveyor designs, options for installation and the environments in which conveyors operate in are very diverse. This diversity makes it very difficult to decide on the best solution for the problems of noise control hence the need to research before making a decision.

Other issues like maintenance and the environment of operation are under the control of the end user. Through the partnership, major concerns of the end user can be addressed. Based on the requirements of the user, the options of noise control can be identified and then analyzed.

Many different factors are related to the problem of noise control. This is why noise consideration of conveyor belts by the end user is essential. A partnership must exist between the supplier of the conveyor and its end user so as to effectively manage the problem of noise control. This way issues such a installation and the design of the conveyor can be well addressed by the conveyor supplier.

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