New sheep conveyor belt multi-tasking in Marlborough

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A new portable sheep conveyor system is in operation in Marlborough to save farmers time and money.

The $60,000 machine, designed and built by Southland engineering firm, Redan Engineering, has been picked up by The Vet Centre in Blenheim.

It received a favourable review after being given a trial run for condition scoring 1000 composite ewes at Wither Hills Farm Park on Tuesday.

Vet Centre sales manager Tony Smith said the conveyor belt had been designed to do multiple tasks in one hit.

“We are always looking at ways to add value to our roles, and this is the latest in technology,” Smith said.

“We had to consider if it was viable to use in Marlborough with the decreasing sheep numbers.

“We took the view that the clinic sold drench, capsules and vaccines and had an ethical responsibility to ensure farmers applied the products safely and efficiently.”

Smith said the conveyor belt was more efficient and cost effective, and easier for farmers to operate.

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