New conveyor belts launched for the textile industry

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Rydell is the exclusive Australian agent for Ammeraal Beltech that provides innovative belting solutions for the textile industry.

Ammeraal Beltech’s comprehensive range of belts includes process and conveyor belts; high performance flat belts; modular belts; endless woven belts; timing belts; and engineered belts.

All the product groups come with appropriate tools and local service support for assembly and on-site work. Rydell and Ammeraal Beltech offer belting solutions for the entire textile production line from cotton cleaning and fibre preparation through tuft-feeding and carding all the way to spinning and twisting applications.

Ammeraal Beltech products can be found in almost every machine involved in textile production, including opening/ cleaning machines, carding machines, combing machines, roving and drawing frames, ring-spinning machines, rotor-spinning machines, twisting machines, texturing machines, knitting machines and printing machines among many more.

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