Martin Engineering offers new line of chevron conveyor belt cleaners

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Martin Engineering says its new line of cleaning alternatives to standard blades promotes longer belt life with less downtime, leading to a lower cost of operation. All are mounted on a steel main frame attached to the conveyor, which holds the cleaning unit firmly in place.

Martin Brush Cleaners are said to be specially designed motorized secondary cleaners for the removal of fines and residue from ribbed, flighted, grooved, or chevron conveyor belts that can withstand temperatures of -20 to 180 degrees F. The straight line Strip Brush and the swirl pattern Spiral Brush spin rapidly against the belt path, with the Strip Brush for belt widths of 18 to 60 inches using a 1-horsepower motor and the Spiral Brush for belts 18 to 72 inches wide with a 2-horsepower motor.

For operators who choose not to use electricity to control carryback and buildup from chevron ribbed or cleated conveyor belts, the company says its secondary Martin Chevron Cleaner removes material using shock-absorbing torsion arms with elastomer blades composed of 14 half-inch-wide “fingers,” which allow the cleaner to accommodate the very specific geometry of chevrons. Able to handle belt speeds up to 500 feet per minute and belt widths of 18 to 96 inches, the telescoping arms eliminate the need to cut the mainframe during installation. High temperature or chemical resistant blades are also available.

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