Martin Engineering boasts specialised conveyor belt cleaners

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Martin Engineering boasts a family of specialty belt cleaners designed to address challenging applications, from viscous food manufacturing to hot slag.

Developed in response to customer input, Martin Engineering conducted extensive research at its Center for Innovation (CFI) facility in Illinois in the USA to find conveyor solutions to carryback, belt health, spillage and pulley/idler health problems faced by several industries.

The result is a line of cleaning alternatives to standard blades that promote longer belt life with less downtime, leading to a lower cost of operation.

“Conveyor belts react to various substances in vastly different and sometimes unpredictable ways,” said Dan Marshall, product engineer at Martin Engineering.

“Inadequate cleaning of niche materials can lead to a host of issues over time. Applying the proper cleaner to the job can prevent expensive equipment failures and downtime,” he says.

Specialty cleaners for efficiency and safety

Whether in a primary or secondary position, all of the specialty cleaners are mounted on a steel main frame attached to the conveyor, which holds the cleaning unit firmly in place.

Located at the lower front section of the head pulley, under the discharge flow, primary cleaners clear the majority of adhered material.

Secondary cleaners reside a few feet behind to assure thorough residual removal.

Carryback – which is material stuck to the belt and cycled back through the system – can foul idlers, pulleys and skirt boards, leading to serious tracking issues that fray belt edges, weaken the splice and potentially cause accidents.

Moreover, carryback material can pile on floors and pool in work paths, creating a hazardous workplace and requiring manpower for cleanup. According to Marshall, “there is no one-size-fits-all cleaner. Matching the proper design to the specific belt and material traits is the best way to protect the system and personnel.”

The only motorized cleaner in the group, Martin Brush Cleaners are specially designed secondary cleaners for the removal of fines and residue from ribbed, flighted, grooved or chevron conveyor belts.

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