Industrial uses of Conveyor belts

Before the advancement in technology, labor was used to transport material and goods in the manufacturing industry. People were responsible for carrying these products from one place to another using some kind of mobile transportation device. This method of transportation was susceptible to a number of risks namely deterioration of products, miss handling and many more.
However, with the developing technology new and better ways of transporting goods were developed. Among these new methods, conveyor belt system is the most cost-effective method of transporting goods and materials in the manufacturing industries. Physical labors require manpower which increases the liabilities. The conveyor belts have the ability to reduce the need for physical labor, eliminating the wages and increases the profit of the company. Due to their massive success, virtually every industry has started to incorporate this amazing system in their transportation regime.

Conveyor belts are divided into two main categories namely Steel cord belting and Fabric belting. They might have identical external features, but their internal structure differs. In Fabric belt, the inner layer that is made up of plastic web, cotton or mesh provides the tensile strength of the belt. On the contrary, a series of steel cables are a part of the steel cord belts. This series of steel belts are separated via a rubber. Different kinds of belts are used for different types of application. For example, the steel belts are used on escalators, moving sidewalks and similar manufacturing procedures.

Industrial uses of Conveyor belts

Conveyor belts are the types of belts that are suspended with a continous loop of material that moves around them.  They are used in a number of applications in the food processing, manufacturing and other heavy industries. Industries where these conveyor belt systems are excelling and they include automotive, computer, good, packaging, print finishing, bottling and canning, chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace and food processing.

A number of things are being transported using these convey belts, but the most common include food items such as nuts and beans, grain and animal feed, wood and furniture, pills and powders, scrap and metal and automotive components.

Why use conveyor belt systems

Use of conveyor belt systems offers a number of benefits, some of which are listed below.

  • They have the ability to transport material safely from one place to another.
  • They are better and safer than forklift and they can be installed anywhere.
  • They are built in such a manner that they can move loads of all weights, sizes, and shapes.
  • Many of the conveyor systems come with in built security measure in order to reduce risk factor.

Conveyor belt system is the modern, effective and better way of transporting materials and good from one place to another. They are risk-free and can be easily installed almost anywhere. They are the perfect solution for all your transportation problems.


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