Impact Cradles Control Spillage, Preserve Conveyor Belt Integrity

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This family of impact cradles is engineered to prevent belt and mainframe damage and eliminate spillage of heavy materials. The Martin Impact Cradles Heavy Duty (HD), Medium Duty (MD), and Light Duty (LD) feature a bed of steel angles lined by energy-absorbing impact bars with a top layer of low friction, ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) plastic. The result is longer lasting conveyor belts and components, with less fugitive material and a safer work area.

“Fine material discharged from a height can have just as much force as a coarse load,” explained product engineer Daniel Marshall. “Without proper impact absorption and distribution, all of that force is exerted on the belt, essentially crushing it against a rigid surface underneath. The impact beds absorb the energy, so the belt doesn’t have to. It also creates a flat edge for the apron seal, to prevent spillage and fugitive dust.”

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