How Bulk Handling Can Help You Automate Business Processes

Bulk handling is a material engineering discipline that’s centered on the design and building of equipment that are used to handle dry materials such as cereals, coal, sand, ores, wood chips and gravel among others. Most recently, the discipline has widened to include designing of equipment to handle mixed wastes as well.

Bulk material handling equipment and systems is essentially composed of some stationary machines which include screw conveyors, conveyor belt, reclaimers, stackers, truck dumpers, bucket elevators, wagon tipplers, hoppers, ship loaders etc. it also comprises of mobile equipment that include various shuttles and loaders. Some storage facilities also fall under this discipline and these include: storage silos, stockyards or stockpiles. At advanced levels, bulk handling systems do feature integrated conveyors, discharge and bulk storage.

Recently, most companies in various sectors including food processing are embracing bulk handling. Many production units are employing the technique, to ensure that raw materials do not go to waste and that consumers get products on time. Owing to the large production, processing is often a challenge. This is the main reason, why the most companies decided to do bulk handling.

Today, companies who are embracing bulk handling are able to process ten times more tonnes of their goods and produce as the company no longer needs to store bags in the warehouse. Their new technology of conveying products, have made production and packaging easier and faster.  To fill the bulk bags, they use bag filler, which has eliminated the need to hire manual labor. While these systems may be expensive initially, they are rewarding in the long term.  You too can employ these systems and equipment, to ensure that, all raw materials that land in your manufacturing plant, do not go to waste.

If you have a manufacturing plant, do not hesitate to implement bulk handling. With the right equipment, you can improve your production and cut on labor expenses. As said earlier, it will cost you a bit, to bring in the equipment into your company, but it will be worth every penny in the future.

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