Heavy Industrial Conveyor Belts

Conveyors belts have been used in a number of industries for decades now. Their flexibility and durability have made transporting not only small but also heavy packages very easy. The increase in demand for reduced cost, integrated automation, and increased throughput has led to the need for better, faster and more durable conveyor belts.

The main purpose of a heavy industrial conveyor belt is to transport very heavy material safely within and outside the workplace. It is basically meant for use as an abrasion resistant material.  The material that is being used is basically a blend of styrene butadiene rubber, nitrile, and neoprene. It also comes with a cloth fabric that is inserted in it during its manufacturing. The cloth inserted rubber is used as flaps, strips, and industrial level pads. It is also very good for the rubber belt conveyors that are used in different industrial machines.

Highly Durable

The heavy industrial conveyor belts are famous because of their high durability. The heavy industrial conveyor belts are perfect for any industrial applications that basically focus on physically harsh conditions. One reason behind the success of these amazing conveyor belts is the rubber material that has been used in the belt. The rubber material is compounded to offer resistance and absorption. Due to its superior strength, the rubber material has the ability to act as a good and effective barrier between two very sensitive objects.


It is not possible to have two exactly sample production lines, likewise, you can’t have the exact same automated system because of your different needs. You can now enjoy the advantages of a heavy custom built industrial conveyor belts. These belts will be made keeping in mind just the need of your industry. You can optimize, design and create them as you like.

General manufacturing

Starting from supplying material to the production area, till moving heavy and massive packages, industry conveyor belts have it all. They are perfect for moving, controlling and positioning products. No longer, do you have to worry about getting your package damaged or getting it late? Conveyor belts systems will ensure time and safe delivery.

Heavy industrial conveyors belts are now being incorporated in every aspect may it be medical, food, agriculture or metal working. These belts have the ability to move goods safely from one place to another safely. They are the perfect solution for the transportation of every industry.

At May Conveyor, belting is what sets us apart from others as we make our dies in-house by the May Tool & Die Group. We are a custom manufacturer of conveyor belting. We have pre-configured belts of various pitch & chain configurations for OEM & replacement applications as well as custom design capabilities. We provide belts for the metal working, recycling, machining, stamping, OEM, foundry, and mining industries. These precision components meet all automotive standards and is is how we have become known as a top quality supplier. Contact us today!


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