Few Things You Should Know Before Buying a Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belt can affect the productivity of your plant. Hence, you need to put more time into selecting the best belt for great results.

Selecting the right conveyor belt is utterly important. If you make a mistake in the selection, you will put your manufacturing plant into jeopardy.  Belting that is of low quality, is likely to lower your production and may be unsafe to the workers. If this happens, the company may encounter losses. You can jumpstart your company’s revenues by choosing the right belt.

Factors you must consider when buying a conveyor beltConveyor Belt

  • The product’s size and weight
  • The material of the product
  • The method of loading the product on the belt
  • The speed with which the product will be produced
  • Method of travel of the product, ,incline or decline
  • Whether the belt will operate on a hot, dry, cold or wet environment

If you are able to answer the questions above, you will have no challenges selecting the right belt.  Below are some of the available belts to help you out:

General-purpose belts

There are the most-used conveyor belts. You can find them in almost every manufacturing plant, although some companies use different belting based on their products. General-purpose belts are often made of PVC, leather, rubber and Neoprene among others. These belts are suited for food grading, high temperature environments and it is also oil resistant and does not cut easily.  Besides, it is the best belt for bulk handling and other applications.  For a food business, a general-purpose belt, suits you best.

Hinge metal belting

This is used in industries who handle scrap and metal chips. It is durable to withstand any pressure. Hence, if you are running a scrap metal recycling business, hinge metal belting will never disappoint.

Woven wire belting

This type of conveyor belting is applied in cold/hot environments. You can use it, if you are running a food processing plant, glass and ceramics, metalworking or electronics.  It is durable and closely interwoven to ensure that products are conveyed without falling off.

These are only some of the conveyor belts available in the market but these may give you a quick overview on what to look out for. Contact your custom conveyor specialist to further discuss your belting needs.

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