Conveyors in Baggage handling system

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Conveyors systems have been incorporated in every part of all the industries. They have revolutionized the way heavy solids were carried from one place to other. They have made the transport of almost all kinds of material easy, not just inside the workplace but also outside of it. They offer secure and reliable transportation system. Due to their numerous advantages every industry may it be food, chemical, agriculture or pharmaceuticals have started to use these amazing systems to transport their goods.  Now these systems are also being used in the baggage handling system.

What is a Baggage Handling System?

A BHS or better known as the baggage handling system is a conveyor system that is installed at a number of places, but it is mainly seen at the airports. It is used to transport the luggage that has been checked from the ticket counters to the areas where the bags that are to be loaded onto the plane are placed. They are also responsible for transporting the checked luggage coming from the plane that has been landed to the baggage claims or to the area where the luggage is loaded into another place. The primary function of BHS is to transport the luggage, however, a number of other functions are also severed by the typical BHS. For instance, it can be used for the detection of the bag jams, bag tracking, bag counting, redirection of the bags, to ensure that the bag is not overweighed and bag loading.

All the modern transportation systems are made up of operational, technical and economic considerations.  When installing a new baggage system a number of things need to be addressed including the speed, baggage types, throughput capacity, tracking speed, existing place and tracing speed.  The modern and well-developed conveyors systems that are being installed in the baggage system are created keeping in mind all above mentioned factors. These conveyors systems combine the cost efficient baggage handling systems with low energy consumption, easy maintenance, and reliable operations.

Since they are used at places like airports where a lot of people are always on the run, thus they offer speed and reliability. The innate flexibility of the modular design of conveyor system makes it possible for airports of all sizes to meet their purpose for a reliable and cost efficient baggage system. A wide variety of belts sizes and shapes are available you can use anyone that fits your purpose. These belts have the ability to carry all and every kind of baggage.

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