Conveyor Systems for Automated Parking

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With the increasing population and advancing technology, almost everything has improved and become automated. Then why should one of the most common things i.e. parking systems be left manual? They need to be upgraded and updated as well. Thanks to the amazing technology of conveyors, we know have fully automated parking system.

What is an automated Parking system?

Automated parking system also known as the ‘Robotic parking system’ is another form of the parking the cars. The reason that it is also called robotic parking system is that that APS functions in a robotic fashion i.e. it has the ability to operate automatically and it uses different mechanical systems to place and remove cars from their respective parking spaces. In order to park the car in an APS, the drive needs to drive that car into the entrance area called an entrance box, entrance point or a lobby. Once the car enters the lobby, the APS measure the size of the car and locate the smallest parking space available for it. Meanwhile, the drive and the passengers turn off the engine takes their ticket from the ticket machine nearby and exit the lobby. The automated parking system then makes sure that everyone has left, once it is sure that no one is   inside, it then closes the outside lobby door and open the inside doors that are leading into the APS. The car remains in the APS until the driver wants it back. The drive enters its ticket in the machine, pays for the parking and then goes to the exit lobby where his car will be waiting for him.

Advantages of Conveyor belts systems for automated parking applications

The simplicity, durability, efficiency, and reliability are the most important aspect of the conveyor systems. These are the elements that make them a very good choice for the automated parking applications. It is very difficult to come up with something that has the ability to beat the simplicity of a roller conveyor belt. Roller is among the give basic machines and it makes it very easy to move heavy weight objects such as cars by reducing the friction.

Besides offering the efficiency of motions, these roller CBS are also energy efficient. A CBS compromise of only two things first is the roller and second are the belt. Both of these can either move in the same direction or in opposite direction. All the wasted motions such as folding, swinging, retracting, extending, lowering, raising or deadheading are not a part of CBS. Likewise, CBS is energy efficient because of two reasons: first, there is not much friction second; it does not need a large amount of energy to move the entire weight of the car.

Also, since reliability and uptime are among the most important elements for the economical application of any product in industries, thus conveyors systems are among the most reliable products available.

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