Conveyor Belts in Mining

Conveyor belts are generally used in the bulk holding industries. They are generally designed to make work easier for man. One of the human activities that involve the handling of bulky materials is the mining industry. Conveyor belts in mining have different roles and are used in different ways.

Underground Mining

Safety is something of paramount importance when working in the underground mines. In such environments, there are always so many challenges and calamities. One of such calamities that at times affect the underground mines includes fires. It is therefore of great importance that an underground mining conveyor belt should be fire resistant. There are certain international as well as national standards that all the conveyor belts have to fulfill. This is a reprieve for many as this implies that all the certified underground conveyor belts satisfy all these safety standards.
There are numerous models and brands of underground conveyor belts in mining. Due to the many activities as well as harsh working conditions in the mines, a good belt for such environments needs to be resistant to cutting and abrasion. Remember that you need to kill two birds using one snake. Therefore, one quality conveyor belt will be used in the entire mining process starting from the mine face, transportation, to the processing location and finally to the final blending, mixing and stocking.

Opencast Mining and ore processing

Most of the minerals that are mined as raw materials for most of the industries are mined through open cast mining. Such minerals are very bulky and will always need that the conveyor belts used in handling them be of high resistance due to heavy impacts on site. Due to such impacts, weak or less resistant materials will be susceptible to ripping and tearing. The primary stages of mineral production are especially associated with lots of impact. In addition to being impact resistant, the conveyor belts in mining also need to be abrasion resistant since they will have to handle so many thousands of tones within an hour.

Some of the best specific cover and carcass qualities for conveyor belts in mining are:

  • Multi-ply belts that have cover V & BV cover qualities
  • 2-ply EpP having V & BV cover qualities.

In a nutshell, conveyor belts used in the mining industry are responsible for handling very bulky materials. This industry therefore needs the best quality conveyor belts for maximum production to be achieved.

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