City strikes recycling deal that eliminates glass

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Glass no longer will be accepted in Houston’s curbside recycling program under a two-year deal with Waste Management, Mayor Sylvester Turner announced Friday.

The city’s curbside recycling program was in limbo after city officials and the Houston-based waste giant hit an impasse this week over contract negotiations, prompting concerns about a potential lapse in service.

Collections will continue uninterrupted under the new agreement, but the 96-gallon green bins will be limited to paper, cardboard, plastics and metal cans. Glass containers still can be dropped off at the city’s neighborhood depositories but no longer will be allowed in the curbside bins.

Eliminating glass will lower the processing costs for Waste Management.

“This agreement makes good economic sense for the city and for Waste Management. It reaffirms our commitment to recycling. It doesn’t tie the city to a long-term contract,” Turner said. “It allows Waste Management to avoid the employee layoffs that would have likely resulted from cancellation of service in Houston and provides an opportunity for potential competitors to enter the market.”

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