What is an Electric Track Vehicle System?

Electric track vehicle system or ETV is a type of a conveyor system that is used by companies or manufacturers to transport their goods, this type of conveyor system uses vehicles which are independently driven to travel in a monorail track. This monorail track is especially designed with straight track elements, bends, curves and transfer-units for the changing of the direction of the vehicles, and is the track for this electric track vehicle system. As a matter of fact, this type of conveyor system is being used to transport goods which weigh up to 50kg in horizontal or vertical buildings as well as manufacturing companies.
Before, the main use of the electric track vehicle system was to move or transport simple goods, such as documents and mail distribution in the office and headquarters, however, after a few years, further designs were created, and applications were created so that the electric track vehicle system can also be used in hospitals, libraries, retail stores, printing plants, and the system is also being used nowadays to handle materials in manufacturing plants. Goods that are being transported by this system are:

  • In libraries, the system is used to transport books, newspapers, journals, media and also computers
  • In printing press or printing plants, the ETV is used to transport the printing plates or the printing documents
  • In retail stores or big shopping malls, it is used to transport goods such as garments, shoes, jewelries, luxury goods like bags, etc
  • In hospitals, it is used to transfer lab samples, pharmaceuticals, sterile utilities, patient records, x-ray, blood plasma and other hospital consumables
  • In headquarters, office buildings, or ministries, ETV is mainly used to transport documents, mails and packages or parcels
  • In manufacturing companies, ETV is used to transfer parts, assemblies, heavy equipment and tools

The electric track vehicle system can operate and handle both vertical and horizontal tracks, these systems are also being used to transfer sensitive goods as they are in a “vehicle”. The destination or stations are usually typed into a touch screen system, and the vehicle can actually travel at a speed of 1 meter per second. One best example of the ETV system is the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris which has 6.6 kilometer of tracks, it has 151 stations, and a total of 300 vehicles, and this is one of the widest track networks of the electric track vehicle system.

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