What is a Lineshaft Roller Conveyor?

A lineshaft roller conveyor is the most versatile and cost effective conveyor available in material handling. This kind of conveyor is a light duty powered roller conveyor that transport light material ranging from 15kg to 20 kg in weight, these are cardboard boxes or plastic boxes and small goods, though medium and heavy materials can also be transported with higher speed as well. Companies such as order picking, or production companies are the one who usually uses the lineshaft roller conveyor.
Lineshaft roller conveyor explained, the single shaft runs below the rollers running the length of the conveyor, on the shaft is a series of spools, and one spool for each roller. There is a belt, made of elastic polyutherane, that forms like a letter O and that is where the o-ring belt was made, this belt runs from a spool on the powered shaft to each roller. Once the shaft is powered on, the o-ring belt will act as a chain between the spool and the roller thus making the roller rotate and the conveyor to move. This rotation of the rollers will push the goods or the products on the conveyor. A PLC or programmable logic controller is the one controlling the electrical motor which move the shaft. The PLC is an important part since it controls how the sections of the conveyor interact with the products being transported.

Easy installation, quiet operation, moderate maintenance and low expenses are the advantages of the lineshaft roller conveyor. This type of conveyor is also very safe, as the elastic belts can stretch thus will not hurt the fingers of the staff if the fingers or hands will get caught in the rollers. Another feature of this conveyor is that when it detects that clothes, hands or hair gets caught in the rollers, then the spool will slip and will stop the rollers immediately. And since the spools are slightly loose, they will act like clutches that will slip when products are need to be stacked or accumulated. With these features, this type of conveyor can be used in almost all of the applications needed by manufacturing companies.

The only a disadvantage of the lineshaft roller conveyor is that it can only be used to transport products that has a span of three rollers, for products that are in 74 millimeters in size, the conveyor belt should be used. With that, anything can still be conveyed using this lineshaft conveyor.

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