New technology generates power using conveyor belt energy

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Martin Engineering has introduced its new technology that uses kinetic energy from a moving conveyor belt to generate power to run electronic systems within a power station.

The Martin Roll Gen System to create a self contained mini power station that allows operators to run electrical monitoring systems and safety mechanisms.

Operators are not required to maintain a special stock of conveyor rollers, since the generator can be employed on a variety of steel rollers.

Intelligent monitoring systems for any conveyor system require power for extended operation. Due to the distances involved, cabled communication systems are not ideal, and therefore wireless communication systems are more advantageous. Options such as solar power are not well suited to the general conditions of a conveyor system, as monitoring devices are often required in an enclosed structure without access to sunlight, or for continuous operation during both day and night.

“We found that we could draw energy from a moving belt by attaching an independent generator directly to one of the rollers,” said Paul Harrison, Global Engineering Manager. “This way, the conveyor could produce power without altering the structure of the system or affecting its physical configuration.”

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