Heavy-Duty Conveyor Belt Cleaners

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This family of primary conveyor belt cleaners has been engineered for the fastest, most heavily-loaded belts, with industrial-strength construction that delivers effective cleaning, minimal maintenance, and long service life, even under punishing conditions.

Martin SHD cleaners have been proven on belts up to 10 ft wide with speeds as high as 2000 ft/min, carrying loads up to 300,000 tons per day. Designed with patented “CARP” technology to achieve constant angle geometry to match pulley diameter accurately across all stages of service life, the massive urethane blades deliver up to 42 sq in. of wear surface — more than seven times the wearable surface of standard cleaner designs. With a broad range of color-coded, high-performance blade choices available, the cleaners can be specified to suit a wide variety of materials and performance requirements.

The SHD Series was developed for super heavy-duty applications, with structural steel components to prevent bending of the main frame. The durable construction helps eliminate carryback, reduce emergency outages, and minimize unscheduled downtime. In some applications, it has been shown to be the only design that can withstand the severe operating conditions.

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