Conveyor System Maintenance Tips to Keep the Belts Running

Lots of companies these days are trying to cut down on their expenses because of the present situation of the economy. They are faced with the hard task of keeping an old conveyor system up and running well when ordinarily it should be heading to the garbage. Unlike wine, mechanical equipment does not get better as they age. But, still you can use them if you don’t have the budget to upgrade it to a new unit. Here are some tips that could help you in maintaining the conveyor system.

Maintenance Technician

Most of the time, the maintenance technicians are underappreciated. Some companies don’t hire a maintenance technician or if the company hires one, they are underpaid. A professional technician can correct even the smallest problems before it becomes big. Think about it, when your system goes down where would you spend your money, on lost sales and unsatisfied customers or hire a maintenance technician. It is not easy to hire a good maintenance technician. You should learn how to identify the right individual for the job.

Spare Parts

If you failed to replace a defective part it will not just stop the production for a long time but will also cause serious damage that might affect the other parts of the system. It is best that you keep a stock of all the important parts of the conveyor on hand. If it is not included in your budget, you need to find a way to get those important parts on hand.

Preventive Maintenance

Fixing stuff only when it breaks is not a good idea. Mechanical equipment such as conveyors should undergo preventive maintenance. Each part of your system requires various levels of preventive care. It is the same when maintaining a car. If you want your system to run for a very long time you need to perform regular maintenance.

System Audit and Documentation

It is important that you check your conveyor system regularly to make sure it will continue to run smoothly. During check-up you might notice some problem that requires attention. Attend to small problems right away before it becomes a big one.

Old Equipment and Parts

Sometimes if you don’t have the budget, you will not be able to replace the entire systems. However, it is important that you update the old system. You need to checked out the latest in conveyor system and decide whether the parts need replacement or the entire system should be replaced.


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