Clueless traveler mistakenly climbs onto luggage x-ray conveyor belt

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Flying these days can involve quite a bit of hassle at the security line, but most experienced travelers know the system–shoes and bags on the belt, body through the screener.

However, one traveler caught on a CCTV camera in Chengdu, China probably could have used a little extra help navigating the x-ray machine process.

A man is seen approaching the conveyor built meant for luggage as an airport attendant points to the machine. But instead of placing his bag on the belt, the traveler, misinterpreting the attendant’s prompts, proceeds to climb up into machine—bag in hand.

“The moment a man climbed into an X-ray machine at a train station’s security checkpoint has been caught on CCTV. The confused traveller, who had never taken the tube before, misunderstood staff instructions in Chengdu, China,” according to which obtained the video from sharing service Newsflare.

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