• may2

    City strikes recycling deal that eliminates glass

    Glass no longer will be accepted in Houston’s curbside recycling program under a two-year deal with Waste Management, Mayor Sylvester Turner announced Friday. The city’s curbside recycling program was in limbo after city officials and the Houston-based waste giant hit an impasse this week over contract negotiations, prompting concerns about a potential lapse in service. […]

  • may1

    New Conveyor Belt Increases Sanitation, Pocket Capacity

    The new staggered sidewall belt for Dorner’s AquaPruf VBT conveyor features vertical belt technology, which makes it easier to clean and sanitize, provides greater pocket capacity, and also requires less maintenance than a traditional bucket elevator. Dorner spent more than a year developing the staggered sidewall belt with its belt manufacturing partner. The belt was […]

  • MayConveyorFood

    Conveyor belts in food industry

    Conveyor belts in food industry always carry lots of significance in manufacturing as they can affect the way speed of the transportation of material required for cooking. Food like confectionery, baking, Dough processing, meat and poultry processing, etc. requires different conveyor belts so that they can be carried from one place to another more effectively […]

  • may6

    New conveyor belt cleaner design reduces cost of ownership

    A new conveyor belt cleaner has been engineered to contain a smaller total volume of urethane, while maximizing the usable area, produced in a streamlined process that allows the manufacturer to reduce the purchase price and overall cost of ownership. By minimizing the non-consumable portion of the blade, the heavy-duty primary belt cleaner delivers the […]

  • may5

    The mistake that made them millions

    THEY had the perfect formula for overnight export success – selling a much-loved, tried and tested ginger fizzy drink to billions of Chinese whose love affair with the medicinal herb stretches back thousands of years. But it didn’t quite work out that way. Bundaberg Brewed Drinks learnt the hard way it’s a much tougher sell […]

  • may4

    The ideal permanent splice for conveyor belt repairs

    BMG’s highly efficient belt fastener system – the Super-Screw – which was originally used as a temporary alternative to conventional hot and cold splicing, has proved to be totally reliable as a permanent splice for conveyor belt repairs. “This high strength splicing system is a flexible rubber splice using self tapping screws that enable Super-Screw […]

  • may3

    Weba Chute Systems helps eliminate material degradation

    Weba Chute Systems MD Mark Baller explains that a systems approach to bulk solids handling design is essential to ensure operational characteristics are matched throughout the plant. By custom designing each transfer point, individual Weba Chute Systems can be configured to suit each particular application. “Our system uses a ‘supertube’, with a cascade scenario, where […]

  • May-Conveyor-Z-Apron-Pan-Belt-3

    United States enclosed belt conveyor market share, trend and forecasts to 2021 scrutinized in new research

    United States Enclosed Belt Conveyor is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Enclosed Belt Conveyor Industry. The United States Enclosed Belt Conveyor Market 2016 Market Research Report is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Enclosed Belt Conveyor industry. The report provides a basic overview of […]

  • may1

    City’s free ride to recycling success about to end

    For city leaders, recycling typically is a no-brainer, both environmentally virtuous and a money-maker. Now, plunging commodities prices have Houston facing, for the first time, the prospect of paying nearly twice as much to get rid of the cardboard, bottles and cans its residents roll to the curb as it costs to send them to […]

  • may6

    Conveyor Boasts Three-at-a-Time Floor-Level Loading Capability

    Orion Packaging (powered by Pro Mach) showcased its new low-profile, three-strand chain conveyor at Pack Expo 2014. With a pass height of four inches, the Lo-Pro enables convenient loading of multiple loads via hand-powered pallet jacks or electric “walkies” equipped with long forks. It’s also suitable for half-pallets, which are becoming more popular within the […]

  • may5

    Conveying Bulk Commodities

    The conveyor pictured is designed to distribute bulk commodities into dozens of bulk storage bins with staggered inlet openings. Material is received from a bucket elevator, conveyed along the length of the central conveyor, and then elevated and discharged through a tripper and onto a cross belt conveyor. The tripper carriage is self propelled, and […]

  • may4

    Modular and Flexible Conveyor Meets Most Needs

    Today’s conveyor systems have to deal with a wide variety of products and smaller batches, yet still be easy to reconfigure for handling new tasks. To address those demands, Bosch Rexroth Corp., headquartered in Germany, developed the VarioFlow plus chain-conveyor system. Its components, drive units, and accessories work with all conveyor widths, which range from […]